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The perfect Chrome extension for window management.

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Quick Start

Creating a new window is as simple as point, click, type. Grouped tabs automatically update, track new tabs and clear out old ones when exited.

You can stop watching a window by clicking the trash can icon. This will delete all saved tabs.

Locking a window with a 4 digit pin secures your tabs. Combining this feature with incognito allows you to build a power pack of security!

Pressing the "Pause" button allows you to open a saved window and browse around without changing which tabs are were originally saved.

Transfer tabs to saved windows, both open and closed by right clicking on a website, then selecting a saved window under "Send tab to saved window:".

Icon Legend:

 Active Window   Running Window   Edit   Save   Unwatch   Share   Pause Autosave   Toggle Lock System 

Keyboard shortcut:

Open window menu: Ctrl + Shift + E
(Cmd for macOS)

To change the default keys, click "Keyboard shortcuts" at the bottom of the chrome://extensions page.

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Vaux road map New Items!

Various bug fixes.

Running window icon.

Updated options page.

Deleting a saved window will now update the context menu.

Added dark theme icon. Switch between dark and origianl on the options page.

Fixed typo in url validation.

Small bug fixes.

You can now share saved windows with other Vaux users.
Added direct to clipboard button for Vaux urls.
New default keyboard shortcut to Ctrl-Shift-E (Cmd for Mac).

Small bug fixes.

Switching to https.

Small bug fixes.

You can now share saved windows with other Vaux users.

Updated UI: Global edit button. Small bug fixes.

Lock system bug fixes.

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